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UV Printing Service

Your promotional gifts may be your only way to get your customer's attraction in Today's market competitive arena. We can provide you UV printing services to make the gifts shinier for the customer’s attraction.

What is UV Printing or Ultra Violet Printing?

UV coating, or ultraviolet coating, is a modern technique to make the printing glossy and shiny using ultraviolet light. UV printing is perfect for most of our gift items such as USB flash drives, promotional pens, phone covers or any product that can benefit from a rich, dramatic and glossy look.

What are the Benefits of UV Printing?

UV Printing has numerous advantages over other printing methods such as aqueous coating or varnish. They include:

·         Print Quality through UV Printing: When uv coating is applied on rich and deep colors, this yields almost a wet look and make the product more attractive. This is very practical for the artworks which has more images and colors.

·         Clarity and Finishing: UV printing gives more clear and perfection to the prints especially for photographic images and company logos.

·         UV is Environmentally friendly: UV coatings is a life friendly approach as it is free of any solvents and do not emit volatile organic compounds.

·         Instantaneous drying time: UV printing helps to reduce production time, enabling faster shipping and delivery times.



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