Heat Transfer Printing on Dark Fabric

Inkjet transfer paper is utilized for the purpose of transferring photographs or written text onto a broad variety of appropriate materials. T-shirt paper is a typical name for this material because of its frequent application to t-shirts. Due to the fact that the product can be used with either light or dark textiles, it is not always easy to determine if your fabric fits into the dark or light category and which option will be more suitable for the project you are working on.

Heat Transfer Printing on Dark FabricDark Fabric Printing Sample

The Critical Distinction Between The Two (or, does my clothing have a light or dark color?)

In order to be visible and provide accurate color reproduction, the ink needs to be printed onto a white background. If you change the white background to a darker color, the ink will become transparent; but, on black backgrounds, the ink will be completely undetectable.

Therefore, if you intend to print on a white T-shirt, you will unquestionably need light transfer paper.

The light transfer paper can still be utilized with various images even if the shirt is a color other than white as long as it is not an extremely dark color (for example, pink, yellow, light blue, etc.). It’s fine to use black text and graphics with a dark background. The color of the shirt will start mingling with the color of the image, giving results that are different than what appears on the paper if the image is similarly light in color and contains images that are pastel colored.

The combination of the color of the shirt and the color of the picture should be taken into consideration when selecting the type of paper to use for printing on garments other than white. A basic rule of thumb is that a dark image will work well on light-colored shirts, whereas a light image will only work well on white shirts.

When printing on dark garments, you need to use dark transfer paper in order to guarantee that the picture will appear on the garment in the exact same colors as it appears on the paper. This can only be accomplished by utilizing colored clothing and dark transfer paper.

The image is transferred along with the white background, which is how the process works. When an image is printed on dark transfer paper, the picture that is transferred to the garment will look EXACTLY the same as it does on the paper. This includes all of the white edges and spaces in between the image. As a consequence of this, the types of images that are appropriate for use with the dark transfer paper on dark clothes are restricted by design and should either be block images or ones that can be cut around to remove the surplus of white space.

There is also the option of designing a picture with a solid backdrop or attempting to match the background of the image with the color of the shirt in order to circumvent the limitation posed by the dark transfer paper.

Both of these papers are capable of being produced with a standard inkjet printer and standard inks. They are transferred onto the substrate with the assistance of a household iron or heat press, and they can be used on a wide variety of clothes and substrates. These packs include everything you need to have successful workouts.


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